Agricultural Sector

The agricultural sector and land reclamation are in dire need to secure their solar energy needs whereas the traditional means are no longer feasible for the following reasons:

      1. Rising fuel prices largely which have become a burden on farmers.
      2. The high costs of transporting these fuels to the site.
      3. Frequent breakdowns, high costs of maintaining and repairing generators, traditional means and delay risks.
      4. Noise of generator operation.
      5. The availability of other cheaper and longer life alternatives.


The optimal alternative is to generate electricity required from solar power plants for the following reasons:

      1. Cheapest in terms of costs (The costs of securing electricity from generators for a period of 4 years is equivalent to the cost of securing electricity from solar energy for more than 30 years).
      2. Solar energy does not need periodic expenses or transportation. The sun comes on its own for you every day.
      3. There is no maintenance in solar power plants. You only need periodic washing of the panels when they become dirty.
      4. Solar energy is a clean and renewable source of electricity and protects you from the frequent rise in the prices of traditional sources of energy.
      5. There is no noise generated by the operation of solar power plants.
      6. Solar-powered irrigation systems do not require solar energy batteries or any other battery system.

Maryzad offers its clients distinguished offers and prices for the establishment of solar power plants for irrigation purposes, as we are the importers of components and we have a team of experts.

Industrial Sector

Rising electricity bills have become a nightmare for factory owners, monthly payments are likely to be higher, and most workers in the industrial sector do not know that solar power is the key to breaking the deadlock.

Maryzad has conducted several feasibility studies for the construction of On Grid solar power plants connected to the national grid of factories, which confirm factories’ inevitable necessity for direction to secure their electricity needs from solar energy or gradually move to it.

Maryzad experts in solar energy emphasize the need to follow the procedures of installation of means to rationalize the electricity consumption of the factory along with the improvement of the power coefficient before starting the design of the solar power plant.

Housing Sector

Electricity bills in recent times have become the focus of talk among people between the rise in the value of monthly consumption bills and fears of the upcoming increase.

Thinking and demand for solar energy systems for individuals and the housing sector has become more demanded than before to escape this suffering and act as an alternative solution.

Maryzad offers its services in the construction of solar energy plants for individuals and the housing sector, with regard to:

      1. On Grid plants connected to the national grid started from 5 KWP for the purpose of saving and avoiding the burden of increasing electricity bills. The most beneficiaries of this system are villas and houses that have appropriate surfaces and spaces.
      2. Off Grid plants that are not connected to the grid designed to provide electricity for homes in remote locations or homes that do not have a government power grid.

Contracting Sector

Maryzad, in cooperation with major construction companies, has presented many innovative ideas for the use of solar energy in the construction of compounds, villages and resorts.

Whether it is in the solar lighting poles or the lighting used in the gardens and landscaping of the project, saving the cost of drilling, the costs of extending the required cables and operating expenses.

In addition to the construction of energy plants necessary for the needs of the operation of elevators, lighting parts and common services.

Commercial Sector

The frequent increase in electricity bills and the segment of the business sector required many experienced and investment parties to find alternative solutions to secure their electricity needs or at least a large part of their needs by solar energy with ideas and aspirations that did not exist before if they had the necessary space for example:

      1. Exploitation of spaces on the roofs of shopping malls and workstations to secure part of the consumption of these malls of electricity from solar energy.
      2. Distribution of solar panels in parking.
      3. Solar lighting poles for lighting purposes.

In addition, many ideas and means that are considered an investment in the best solutions to escape the increasing burdens due to high electricity prices and removal of subsidy.

Media, Advertising

The dependence of billboards to secure the electricity required for lighting from solar energy has become a solution after the high electricity prices in addition to being a necessity for lighting in the billboards away from the national grid of electricity.

Maryzad has provided many ideas and solutions for advertising companies and has implemented many projects in this field.

Tourism Sector

The obstacles faced by the tourism sector during the last period gave it enough experience to follow all means necessary to reduce its costs, namely energy bills. It is one of the sectors that has paid attention to both solar and alternative energy.

Maryzad has worked with some entities operating in the tourism industry in the field of solar energy and has the honor to provide services to this esteemed sector.

Educational Sector

It is one of the most advantageous sectors of solar energy systems and the most profitable in terms of financial feasibility studies and return on investment (ROI).

The secret of this is the periods of work for the educational sector during the Peak Sun Hours.

Maryzad provides support and consultation and advises all investors in the education sector to move towards securing their needs or part of their electricity needs from solar energy as a saving for expenses and burdens arising from the use of traditional sources.