On Grid Systems

On Grid plants linked to the government electricity grid, which are solar power plants with the necessary capacity and licenses to inject their production into the governmental grid. In this system, the use of batteries is not required for storage, but requires the availability of certain requirements at the plant to link it to the government electricity grid.

The Egyptian government has played a major role towards investing in the production of electricity from solar energy through legislation and executive procedures that allowed the presence and spread of On Grid plants connected to the grid by the systems:

      1. Feed In Tariff.
      2. Net Metering.

These plants are the ideal solution to save electricity expenses for factories, villas and all facilities close to or connected to the government electricity grid.

Maryzad offers integrated solutions for the implementation of solar energy plants connected to the national grid “on-grid”. Maryzad is one of the companies qualified by the New and Renewable Energy Authority to execute these projects under license No. 284.

Off Grid Systems

As long as you are away from the government grid, you need such a kind of off-grid plants to generate your daily electricity needs. This requires storing your night needs in batteries. The system designer should be skilled at drawing the plant so that you take the necessary electricity without an increased or decreased cost leading to power cut during the night.

The Maryzad team is well versed in the design and construction of off-grid solar power plants that suit the needs of its clients professionally or provide the necessary support.

Pump & Irrigation

Egypt is currently undergoing a revolution in the transformation towards the operation of water pumps and irrigation motors with solar energy instead of generators and traditional ways.

This sector is considered the most active and popular sector for several factors described in detail later.

Maryzad has implemented many projects of solar energy plants for irrigation purposes and has provided full support to companies working in this field. You can contact the team of Maryzad for more information or technical support.

Hybrid Systems

It is a solar energy system that has recently begun to spread as a mixture between the On Grid and Off Grid, because of evolution in this field to meet the needs of some clients. Whereas we can, through this system, inject the electricity product of the solar energy plant into the government grid, along with charging a system of batteries, which are used as Backup in case of emergency or government power cuts.

Maryzad was one of the first companies to implement such hybrid plants.

Fuel Save Solutions

Maryzad offers some exceptional solutions in the design of solar energy plants according to clients' needs, for example fuel save solutions for entities that depend entirely or partially on generators.

This system is working on reducing the number of operation hours of generators or reducing the workload of generators in order to save fuel and operating hours of generators as well as traditional methods.

Solar Street Lighting

Solar lighting poles have spread recently, having proved their success and ability to continue working without problems for years.

This success certainly depends on professional design and good selection of components.

Maryzad has been implementing many projects of solar lighting poles for many entities such as (Ministry of Military Production - Ministry of Agriculture - construction companies specialized in the establishment of villages, resorts and compounds - some government districts).

Solar Heaters

One of the most important uses of solar energy is the direct use of solar energy to heat water and not to generate electricity.

Solar heaters have recently seen a noticeable spread in Egypt, due to their importance in terms of saving and their prices are affordable to all.

Maryzad offers solar heaters installation services for domestic, commercial and industrial uses and for swimming pools.